Resources by Presenter: Krissia Spivey 


Census 2020: The Hispanic Population in the United States

Pew Research Center: About One-in-Four U.S. Hispanics Have Heard of Latinx, but Just 3% Use It


Hispanic Star: DATASET ABOUT THE HISPANIC COMMUNITY: Demographic, Behavior, Sentiment

NSCAF: Recollections of Surveys

Edge Research: Parents 2021 | Going Beyond the Headlines

Madeline Mavrogordato and Marc Stein: Accessing Choice: A Mixed-Methods Examination of How Latino Parents Engage in the Educational Marketplace


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Resources by Presenter: Magda Gomez


Ten Education Essentials PROGRAM:

Focuses on immigrant Latino parents’ knowledge of the U.S. education system, parent engagement, and their children’s academic achievement. 
They have conducted different studies and they strongly suggest positive outcomes in three areas: increase in parents’ understanding and knowledge of the U.S. education system, greater parent engagement in their children’s education, and improvement in student achievement. 

A video about School Choice in Spanish: “Es tu derecho”


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Resources by Presenter: Christy Moreno


PDF: Kids as interpreters

USA Department of Education: Information for Limited English Proficient (LEP) Parents and Guardians and for Schools and School Districts that Communicate with Them

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